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CSAT Prelims Ecology - General Knowledge Questions and Answers for UPSC Exam | Page-8

71 Which one of the following is the beast description of the term ‘ecosystem’?
A A community of organisms interacting with one another.
B The flora and fauna of a geographical area
C The part of the Earth which is inhabited by living organisms.
D A community of organisms together with the environment in which they live.

Answer: Option [A]
72 What is Rio+20 conference, often mentioned in the news?
A It is a Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization
B It is the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
C It is a conference of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change
D It is a Conference of the member Countries of the Convention on Biological Diversity

Answer: Option [B]
73 With reference to ‘Forest Carbon Partnership Facility’, which of the following statements is/ are correct?
I. It is a global partnership of governments, business civil society indigenous peoples.
II. It provides financial aid to universities, individual scientists and institutions involved in scientific forestry research to develop eco-friendly and climate adaptation technologies for sustainable forest management.
III. It assists the countries in their ‘REDD+(Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation+) efforts by providing them with financial and technical assistance.

Select of the correct answer using the code given below.

A I only
B II and III only
C I and III only
D I, II and III

Answer: Option [C]
74 With reference to a conservation organization called “Wetlands International”, which of the following statements is/ are correct?
I. It is an intergovernmental organization formed by the countries which are signatories to Ramsar Convention.
II. It works at the field level to develop and mobilize knowledge, and use the practical experience to advocate for better policies.

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

A I only
B II only
C Both I and II
D Neither I nor II

Answer: Option [B]
75 Consider the following pairs:
I. Nokrek Bio- sphere reserve    :    Garo Hills
II. Logtak (loktak) Lake    :    Barail range
III. Namdapha National Park    :    Dafla Hills

Which of the above pairs is/ are correctly matched?

A I only
B II and III only
C I, II and III
D None

Answer: Option [A]
76 Due to improper/ indiscriminate disposal of old and used computers or their parts, which of the following are released into the environment as e-waste?
I. Beryllium
II. Cadmium
III. Chromium
IV. Heptachlor
V. Mercury
VI. Lead
VII. Plutonium

Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

A I, III, IV, VI and VII only
B I, II, III, V and VI only
C II, IV, V, and VII only
D I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII

Answer: Option [B]
77 If National Water Mission is properly and completely implemented, how will it impact the country?
I. Part of the water needs of urban areas will be met through recycling of wastewater.
II. The water requirements of coastal cities with inadequate alternative sources of water will be met by adopting appropriate technologies that allow for the use of ocean water.
III. All the rivers of Himalayan origin will be linked to the rivers of peninsular India.
IV. The expenses incurred by farmers for digging bore- wells and for installing motors and pump- sets to draw groundwater will be completely reimbursed by the Government.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

A I only
B I and II only
C III and IV only
D I, II, III and IV

Answer: Option [B]
78 Lichens, which are capable of initiating ecological succession even on a bare rock, are actually a symbiotic association of
A fungi and mosses
B bacteria and fungi
C algae and fungi
D algae and bacteria

Answer: Option [C]
79 There of the following criteria have contributed to the recognition of Western Ghats, Sri Lanka and Indo Burma region as hotspots of biodiversity:
I. Species richness
II. Vegetation density
III. Endemism
IV. Ethno- botanical importance
V. Threat protection
VI. Adaption of flora and fauna to warm and humid condition

Which three of the above are correct criteria in this context?

A I, II and VI only
B II, IV and VI only
C I, III and V only
D III, IV and VI only

Answer: Option [C]


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