Coding and Decoding - Reasoning Ability Questions for IBPS PO Exam

1 If ch ka sa means earth is round; su ne hi means banana is sweet; ku ha kai means balls are round, then which letter code stands for earth ?
A ch
B ne
C sa
D ka

Answer: Option [C]

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2 If a certain language, mxy das zci means good little frock; jmx cos zci means girl behaves good; nvg drs cos means girl makes mischief and das ajp cos means little girl fell; then which word in that language stands for frock ?
A nvg
B zci
C das
D None of these

Answer: Option [D]

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3 In a certain code language, nee tim see means how are you; ble nee see means where are you, what is the code for ‘where’ ?
A see
B ble
C nee
D tim

Answer: Option [B]

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4 In a certain code language, ‘make and break’ is written as ‘te ne se’; ‘break the glass’ is written as ‘ne he me’ and ‘glass is beautiful’ is written as ‘he je de’. How is ‘and’ written in that code ?
A ne
B se
C te
D data inadequate

Answer: Option [D]

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5 In a certain code language, ‘ke xa hu de’ means ‘she is eating apples’; ‘ke te qu’ means ‘she sells toys’ and ‘su li de means ‘I like apples’. Which word in that language means ‘she ‘ and ‘apples’ ?
A xa and de
B xa and ke
C ke and de
D ke and xa

Answer: Option [C]

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