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Syllogism - Reasoning Aptitude Questions with answers for IBPS IT Officer Exam

        Statements:	All scientists are fools.
			All fools are illiterate.
	Conclusion: 	I. All scientists are illiterate
			II. All illiterate are scientists.
			III. All illiterates are fools.
			IV. Some illiterates would be scientiste.
A Only i and iv follow
B Only ii follows
C Only iii and iv follow
D Only iv follows

Answer: Option [A]

The area for scientists lies entirely in the area for illiterates. So, conclusion i follows. The area I does not lie completely within S or entirely within F. So, conclusions ii and iii cannot follow. Since illiterates and scientists have a common area, conclusion iv follows. Thus, only conclusion i and iv follow.

syllogism-aptitude-test-1 - GkSeries

        Statements:	All bags are pockets.
        		No pocket is pounch.
        Conclusion: 	I. No pounch is bag.
        		II. Some slates are pockets.
A Only I follow
B Only II follow
C Only either I or II follows
D All follow

Answer: Option [A]

syllogism-aptitude-test-2 - GkSeries



	Statements: 	All soaps are detergents.
         		All detergents are powerders.
	Conclusion: 	I. All soaps are powerders.
        	 	II. Some detergents are soaps.
        	 	III. Some powerders are soaps.
        	 	IV. Some powerders are detergents.
A Only I follow
B Only I and II follow
C Only II, III and IV follow
D All follow

Answer: Option [D]

The area for soaps lies entirely within the area for powder. So, conclusion I follows. Detergents and soaps have a common area, powders and soaps have a common area and powders and detergents have a common area, So, conclusions II, III and IV also follow. Thus all the conclusions follow

Syllogism-aptitude-test-3 - GkSeries

	Statements: 	Some phones are computers.
    			All computers are radios.
    			All radios are televisions.
	Conclusion: 	I. All televisions are computers.
			II. Some radios are phone.
A Only I follows
B Only II follows
C Both I and II follow
D None follows

Answer: Option [B]

syllogism-aptitude-test-4 - GkSeries

	Statements: 	Some clocks are watches.
			Some watches are walls.
			Some walls are houses.
			Some houses are rooms.
	Conclusion:	I. Some rooms are walls.
			II. Some houses are clocks.
			III. No room is wall.
A Only I follows
B Only II folllows
C Only III follows
D Only either I or III follows

Answer: Option [D]

syllogism-aptitude-test-5 - GkSeries

Hence conclusion either I or III follows

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