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Evaluation of Ranks - Reasoning Questions and Answers for IBPS PO Exams

1 Among P, Q, R, S and T each having a different number of chocolates, R has more chocolates than only T, Q and P. Who among them has the highest number of chocolates ?

Answer: Option [C]

From the given question, we get

R has more chocolates than T, Q and P. So it has not more chocolates than S.

So S has more chocolates than R, T, Q and P.

S has highest number of chocolates.

2 Among five students Rita get less marks than Astha but more marks than Manisha. Manisha get less marks than Sabnam and Utpal. Sabnam get more marks than Astha but less marks than Utpal.s ranked fouth in the ascending order of marks ?
A Astha
B Manisha
C Sabnam
D Rita

Answer: Option [D]

Reading the first sentence in the question, we get,

Astha > Rita > Manisha ...............(A)

From the second sentence we get,

Sabnam/Utpal > Manisha................(B)

From the third sentence we get,

Utpal > Sabnam > Astha................(C)

From equtaions (A), (B) and (C) we get,

Utpal > Sabnam > Astha > Rita > Manisha

Rita ranked fourth amnog them.

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ADRE 2.0 Mock Test - 5 Start Test


3 Some students are sitting in a row. Rajib is sitting 17th from the left and Anupam is 10th from the right. If there are eight boys between them, and in that row Rajib's place is left to the place of Anupam, then what is total number of students in that row ?
A 34
B 35
C 36
D 37

Answer: Option [B]

Though Rajib is sitting 17th from the left, so there are 16 students to the left of Rajib.

Given that there are five students betwwen Rajib and Anupa, so the total number of students will be

16 + Rajib + 8 + Anupam + 9

= 35

4 Akshay is taller than Suresh but shorter than Rakesh. Rakesh is taller than Harish but shorter than Binit. Who among is the tallest ?
A Suresh
B Akshay
C Binit
D Rakesh

Answer: Option [C]

From the question we get,

Rakesh > Akshay > Suresh

Binit > Rakesh > Harish

So, Binit is the tallest among them.

5 45 persons are sitting in a row. Find the number of persons sitting between 11th person from the left and 24th person from the right.
A 12
B 23
C 13
D 24

Answer: Option [C]

There are 10 people before the 11th person.

So, first 10 person + 11 th person + 12 + 24th person + 21 = 45 persons

So, 13 persons are sitting between 11th person and 24th person


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