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General Science GK Quiz with Answers for Competitive Exams

71 The richest source of Vitamin C is:
A Potatoes
B Meat
C Butter
D Orange

Answer: Option [D]
72 Sleeping sickness is caused by a:
A Bacillus
B Virus
C Protozoa
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
73 A metel that easily in hot water is:
A Monel metal
B Wood’s metal
C Allegheny metal
D Type matel

Answer: Option [B]
74 When a lake cools to the point where it is about to freeze, the 40C water settles to the bottom because it is :
A Less dense
B More dense
C Very hot
D Very cold

Answer: Option [B]
75 What is total quantity of the blood in man’s body ?
A 30 Kilogram
B Half of the entire weight
C 20 pound
D 1/3rd of its entire weight

Answer: Option [D]


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