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National Pollution Control Day 2022 observed on 2nd December

National Pollution Control Day 2022: Every year on December 2nd, India observes National Pollution Control Day. The day is recognized to commemorate the precious lives that were lost in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, one of the greatest industrial disasters in the history of India. The primary goal and objectives of celebrating National Pollution Prevention Day 2022 in India are to raise public awareness about the judicious usage of industries in order to avoid unanticipated industrial disasters.

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Significance of National Pollution Control Day:

The significance of celebrating the National Pollution Control Day is to avoid similar catastrophes like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and save the earth from the damage caused by pollution. The day is dedicated to encourage the adoption of pollution control acts to prevent the environmental pollution caused by human negligence and industrial emissions.

Objectives of the day:

  • Raise awareness on how to manage and mitigate industrial disasters.
  • Prevent the pollution produced by industrial processes or human negligence
  • Make people and industries aware of the importance of pollution control acts

History of National Pollution Control Day:

The origins of National Pollution Day in India may be traced back to the heartbreaking Bhopal Gas Tragedy, in which thousands of people died. The incident happened on the nights of December 2 and 3, 1984, which is why National Pollution Control Day is marked every year on December 2. On 3 December 1984, almost 45 tonnes of the hazardous gas methyl isocyanate (MIC) escaped from a pesticide plant owned by the Indian division of the American company Union Carbide Corporation. Within no time, the poisonous gas killed thousands of people and several thousands fled the city.

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