Packages and Interfaces - Core Java MCQ Questions and Answers - Exam Quiz

6 TreeMap class is used to implement which one of the following collection interfaces?
A Set
B SortedSet
C SortedMap
D List

Answer: Option [B]

TreeMap class is used to implement SortedMap.

7 Which of the following is the correct syntax for suggesting that the JVM performs garbage collection?
B System.setGarbageCollection()
C Syste.out.gc()
D System.gc()

Answer: Option [D]

System.gc() is a program that runs for garbage collection. But it not reliable.

8 For which purpose packages are used in Java?
A Categorizes data
B Organizing java classes into namespaces
C For faster compilation
D None of these

Answer: Option [B]

Java packages resolves the name conflicts among different classes.

9 The first statement in java source file
A import statement
B package statement
C main statement
D try{} and catch{}

Answer: Option [B]
10 A package is a collection of
A classes
B interfaces
C editing tools
D classes and interfaces

Answer: Option [D]

A package is a collection of classes, methods and interfaces.


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