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One Word Substitution MCQ - Objective Questions and Answers for SSC Exam | Page-2

11 Scale used for measuring the strength of an earthquake.
A Linear
B Richter
C Newtons
D Celsius

Answer: Option [B]
12 One who practices one of the fine arts.
A Architect
B Designer
C Artist
D Painter

Answer: Option [C]


13 A general pardon of offenders.
A Parley
B Parole
C Acquittal
D Amnesty

Answer: Option [D]
14 An imaginary world where everything is perfect and everyone in happy.
A Utopia
B Rainbow
C Phantom
D Wakefulness

Answer: Option [A]
15 Someone who is indifferent and is careless
A Painstaking
B Lackadaisical
C Perfunctory
D Inaccurate

Answer: Option [B]
16 Appealing to senses.
A Sensory
B Sentimental
C Sensuous
D Sensual

Answer: Option [C]
17 Something that occurs irregularly.
A Sporadic
B Constant
C Persistent
D Uncommon

Answer: Option [A]
18 Always ready to attack or quarrel
A Creative
B Malicious
C Impatient
D Aggressive

Answer: Option [D]
19 A proficient public speaker
A Orator
B Curator
C Narrator
D Arbitrator

Answer: Option [A]
20 Unfair advantages for members of one’s own family
A Optimism
B Plagiarism
C Nepotism
D Regionalism

Answer: Option [C]

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