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One Word Substitution MCQ - Objective Questions and Answers for RRB Exam | Page-7

61 A policy that segregates people on the basis of race.
A Theism
B Partisan
C Apartheid
D Chauvinism

Answer: Option [C]
62 Design made by putting together coloured pieces of glass of stones.
A Mosaic
B Tracery
C Relief
D Oleograph

Answer: Option [A]
63 Poem in short stanzas narrating a popular story.
A Epic
B Ballad
C Ballet
D Sonnet

Answer: Option [B]
64 The schedule of travel.
A Guidebook
B Travelbook
C Time-table
D Itinerary

Answer: Option [D]
65 A Person Who Does Not Believe In God
A Atheist
B Ascetic
C Arbitrator
D Amateur

Answer: Option [A]
66 A person with a long experience of any occupation
A Veteran
B Genius
C Seasoned
D Ambidexterous

Answer: Option [A]
67 Words written on a tomb
A Epithet
B Epigraph
C Soliloquy
D Epitaph

Answer: Option [D]
68 Stealthily done
A Devious
B Nefarious
C Surreptitious
D Villainous

Answer: Option [C]
69 Something no longer in use
A Desolate
B Absolute
C Obsolete
D Primitive

Answer: Option [C]
70 One not concerned with right or wrong
A Moral
B Amoral
C Immoral
D Immortal

Answer: Option [B]

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