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One Word Substitution MCQ - Objective Questions and Answers for RRB Exam | Page-6

51 Wild imagination.
A Whim
B Fancy
C Memory
D Fantasy

Answer: Option [D]
52 An allowance made to a wife by her husband, when they are legally separated.
A Alimony
B Parsimony
C Matrimony
D Honorarium

Answer: Option [A]
53 One who believes everything he or she hears.
A Credible
B Credential
C Credulous
D Creditable

Answer: Option [C]
54 Incapable of error.
A Infallible
B Unbeatable
C Erroneous
D Incorrigible

Answer: Option [A]
55 A particular method of working.
A Knack
B Modus operandi
C Working pattern
D Methodology

Answer: Option [B]
56 Walking in sleep.
A Obsession
B Hallucination
C Somnambulism
D Somniloquism

Answer: Option [C]
57 A person employed as a car-driver for an important person.
A Cabby
B Chauffeur
C Wagoner
D Cavalier

Answer: Option [B]
58 Fear of telling lies.
A Oratory
B Lyophobia
C Legendary
D Mythophobia

Answer: Option [D]
59 A fear of closed/dark place.
A Acrophobia
B Pyrophobia
C Xenophobia
D Claustrophobia

Answer: Option [D]
60 Something which lasts forever.
A Youthful
B Eternal
C Mortal
D Infallible

Answer: Option [B]

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