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One Word Substitution MCQ - Objective Questions and Answers for SSC Exam | Page-3

21 Fit to be eaten
A Audible
B Credible
C Edible
D Legible

Answer: Option [C]
22 Done with good judgment
A Judicious
B Judicial
C Eminent
D Enviable

Answer: Option [A]
GkSeries apsc prelims 2023 test series
23 One who finds it easy to produce new and original ideas and things.
A Bright
B Hospitable
C Impulsive
D Creative

Answer: Option [D]
24 Careful not to harm or inconvenience others
A Rash
B Humble
C Obstinate
D Considerate

Answer: Option [D]
25 Impossible to decipher, make out or read
A Ambiguous
B Illegible
C Eligible
D Intelligible

Answer: Option [B]
26 A former student of a school, college or university.
A Genius
B Alumnus
C Learner
D Scholar

Answer: Option [B]
27 A short story based on your personal experience.
A Legend
B Parable
C Fable
D Anecdote

Answer: Option [D]
28 A building in which aircraft are housed.
A Granary
B Hangar
C Garage
D Dockyard

Answer: Option [B]
29 A place where bees are kept
A Apiary
B Aviary
C Granary
D Dispensary

Answer: Option [A]
30 A person who runs away from justice or the law.
A Martyr
B Recluse
C Refugee
D Fugitive

Answer: Option [D]


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