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One Word Substitution MCQ - Objective Questions and Answers for RRB Exam | Page-4

31 A hater of women.
A Misogynist
B Polygynist
C Bigamist
D Misanthrope

Answer: Option [A]
32 A person who lives by himself.
A Prophet
B Extrovert
C Recluse
D Monk

Answer: Option [C]


33 An assembly of worshippers.
A Confrontation
B Configuration
C Conflagration
D Congregation

Answer: Option [D]
34 A medicine to nullify the effect of poison.
A Anticlimax
B Antidote
C Antigen
D Antibody

Answer: Option [B]
35 A fictitious name especially one assumed by an author
A Pet name
B Sobriquet
C Nick name
D Pseudonym

Answer: Option [D]
36 Animals that eat flesh
A Omnivorous
B Carnivorous
C Herbivorous
D Insectivorous

Answer: Option [B]
37 A speech delivered without any preparation
A Extempore
B Exemplary
C Temporary
D Contemporary

Answer: Option [A]
38 A drug or other substance that induces sleep
A Energic
B Reviver
C Sedative
D Stimulant

Answer: Option [C]
39 Animals which suckle their young
A Carnivores
B Herbivores
C Omnivores
D Mammals

Answer: Option [D]
40 Widespread scarcity of food
A Famine
B Poverty
C Drought
D Hunger

Answer: Option [A]


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