Biology - Questions and Answers from Previous Year Exam Papers

81 The human chromosomes are divided into 7 groups. B-chromosomes are
A 6-12
B 1-2
C 13-15
D 4-5

Answer: Option [D]
82 The condensation of the chromosomes are maximal with visible centromeres at which phase of cell cycle
A G1 phase
B S phase
C G2 phase
D M phase

Answer: Option [D]
83 Gene can be defined as
A unit of segregation
B unit of physiological activity
C unit of recombination
D unit of function

Answer: Option [C]
84 Lamp-brush chromosome is found in
A drosophila
B ascaris
C hydra
D none of the above

Answer: Option [D]
85 In recent past human chromosomes have been studied by technique using specific oftenfluorescent dyes, known as
A dyeing technique
B banding technique
C ultra dyeing technique
D karyotyping technique

Answer: Option [B]

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