CBSE Class 12 - Biology solved questions and answers

66 Centromere is the part of chromosome where
A nucleoli are formed
B crossing over takes place
C chromatids are attached
D nicking occurs

Answer: Option [C]
67 Separation will occur in two genes if they are
A dominant alleles
B recessive alleles
C present on homologous chromosomes
D present on two separate chromosomes

Answer: Option [C]
68 The polygenic gene show
A different genotype
B different phenotype
C different karyotype
D none of the above

Answer: Option [B]
69 Unit of distance between genes on the chromosome is
B Morgan
C Cntimorgan
D Chisquare

Answer: Option [C]
70 The number of autosomes in fertilized egg of human beings is
A 44
B 22
C 46
D 23

Answer: Option [A]

NCERT Class 12 Biology Solved Multiple Choice Questions

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