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Books and Authors - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-6

51 Karl Marx wrote
A Emma
B Das Capital
C Good Earth
D Asian Drama

Answer: Option [B]
52 In whose work do we find the character ‘Rusty’?
A R.K. Narayan
B R.K. Laxman
C Ruskin Bond
D Rabindranath Tagore

Answer: Option [C]
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53 The author of the book ‘Cosmos’ is –
A Carl Sagan
B Issaq Asimov
C Arthur C. Clarke
D Michael Christian

Answer: Option [A]
54 ‘Na Khatam Honewali Kahani’ (The never ending story) is an autobiography of:
A Sonia Gandhi
B T.N. Seshan
C V. P. Singh
D Amitabh Bachchan

Answer: Option [C]
55 Which among the following is not a work of Rabindranath Tagore?
A Chitra
B Kapala Kundala
C Chithrangada
D The Court Dancer

Answer: Option [B]
56 Which from the following was authored by Mulk Raj Anand?
A Dark Room
B The Village
C My God Died Young
D A Stranger Called I

Answer: Option [B]
57 Who is the author of Harry Potter Book Series?
A J. K. Rowling
B Edward Klein
C Charles Dickens
D Nick Middleton

Answer: Option [A]
58 Who amongst the following is the author of the classic book “Life Divine”?
A Radha Krishnan
B Ravi Shankar
C Swami Vivekananda
D Aurobindo Ghosh

Answer: Option [D]
59 Who is the author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind?
A Deepak Chopra
B Tony Kusher
C V.S. Naipaul
D Dom Moraes

Answer: Option [A]
60 Who is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, “The Mystery of Capital”?
A Salman Rushdie
B Masaaki Sato
C Hernando de Soto
D David Aaker

Answer: Option [C]


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