Regional Geography Objective Questions and Answers

26 Which one of the following mountains is not the part of Eastern Ghats ?
A Sheravoy hills
B Javadi hills
C Nallamala hills
D Anamalai hills

Answer: Option [D]
27 Kodaikanal, the famous hill-station of South-India is located on :
A Pali hills
B Anamalai mountain
C Nilgiri mountain
D Cardamon hills

Answer: Option [A]
28 Which of the following statement is not correct :
A Black cotton soil of north-west India was formed by the weathering of basaltic lava rocks
B Sedimentary rock are distinguished from other types of rocks by the presence of distinct layers
C Granite has large crystals quartz feldspar and mica in it
D A metamorphic rock is softer and less compact than its original type

Answer: Option [B]
29 Which one of the following is most prone to earthquakes ?
A Coastal plains
B Old shields
C Plateaus
D Young folded mountain

Answer: Option [D]
30 The Vindhyas belongs to which class of mountains ?
A Block mountain
B Fold mountain
C Volcanic mountain
D Residual mountain

Answer: Option [B]

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