Regional Geography - MCQs and Answers

1 Which state has the longest coastline in India ?
A Tamil Nadu
B Gujarat
C Andhra Pradesh
D West Bengal

Answer: Option [B]
2 The Karakoram Highway connects which of the following two countries ?
A India-Nepal
B China-India
C China-Pakistan
D India-Bangladesh

Answer: Option [C]
3 Which of the following latitudes passes through India ?
A Equator
B Tropic of Capricorn
C Arctic Circle
D Tropic of Cancer

Answer: Option [D]
4 India shares longest international boundary with which one of the following country ?
A Bangladesh
B China
C Nepal
D Bhutan

Answer: Option [A]
5 Which is the largest southern most single Island in India ?
A Minicoy Island
B Car Nicobar Island
C Great Nicobar Island
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]

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