Federal Finance System in India - General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-3

21 What does a Leasing Company provide?
A Office accommodation on hire
B Machinery and capital equipment on hire
C Technical consultancy and experts for a fee
D Legal guidance in establishing an enterprise

Answer: Option [B]
22 Buoyancy of a tax is defined as
A Increase in tax revenue/increase in tax base
B Increase in tax revenue/percentage increase in tax coverage
C Percentage increase in tax revenue /increase in tax coverage
D Percentage increase in tax revenue/percentage increase in tax base

Answer: Option [A]
23 Economic rent refers to:
A Payment made for the use of capital
B Payment made for the use of labour
C Payment made for the use of land
D Payment made for the use of Organization

Answer: Option [C]
24 The existence of a Parallel Economy or Black Money
A Makes the monetary policies less effective
B Makes the economy more competitive
C Ensures increasing productive investment
D Ensures a better distribution of income and wealth

Answer: Option [A]
25 The incidence of sales tax falls on
A Producers
B Retail dealers
C Wholesale dealers
D Consumers

Answer: Option [D]
26 Equilibrium is a condition that can
A Change only if government policies change
B Change only if some internal factor changes
C Change only if some outside factor changes
D Never change

Answer: Option [B]
27 What are the main components of basic social infrastructure of an economy?
A Industry, Trade and Transport
B Transport, Health and Banks
C Education, Industry and Agriculture
D Education, Health and Civil amenities

Answer: Option [D]
28 Which one of the following taxes is collected and utilized by the State Government?
A Custom duties
B Land revenue
C Corporation tax
D Personal Income tax

Answer: Option [B]
29 Investment is equal to
A Stock of plants, machines and equipment
B Gross total of all types of physical capital assets
C Gross total of all capital assets minus wear and tear
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]
30 Deficit financing is an instrument of
A Tax policy
B Credit policy
C Fiscal policy
D Monetary policy

Answer: Option [C]

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