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History of Development & Planning - Indian Economy General Awareness MCQs | Page-4

31 ‘Globalisation of Indian Economy’ means:
A Stepping up external borrowings
B Establishing Indian Shopping Malls in abroad
C Giving up programmes of import substitution
D Having minimum possible restrictions on economic relations with other countries

Answer: Option [D]
32 National Development Council was set up in:
A 1952
B 1950
C 1949
D 1948

Answer: Option [A]
33 ‘Take off stage’ in an economy means:
A Economy is stagnant
B Steady growth begins
C Economy is about to collapse
D All controls are removed

Answer: Option [B]
34 Which of the following indicates economic growth through Five Year Plans ?
A Rise in national income and per capita income
B Development of railways and roadways
C Development of education and health services
D Development of industrial towns and industrial estate

Answer: Option [A]
35 Which one of the following Five-Year Plans recognised human development as the core of the developmental efforts ?
A The Fourth Five-Year Plan
B The Fifth Five-Year Plan
C The Sixth Five-Year Plan
D The Eighth Five-Year Plan

Answer: Option [D]
36 Which of the following statements about the Indian Economy is correct ?
A In India, single biggest employment is agriculture and allied activities
B No physical targets were visualized
C About 48% Indian workforce is employed in foreign countries or in organizations assisted by foreign capital
D About 70% Indians are involved in some type of self- employment and are the owners of some or the other micro or small enterprise

Answer: Option [A]
37 In the context of India’s Five Year Plans, a shift in the pattern of industrialization, with lower emphasis on heavy industries and more on infrastructure begins in
A Tenth Plan
B Eighth Plan
C Sixth Plan
D Fourth Plan

Answer: Option [B]
38 A “closed economy” is a kind of economy in which
A Only exports take place
B The money supply is fully controlled
C Deficit financing takes place
D Neither exports nor imports take place

Answer: Option [D]
39 Which statement is correct for Indian Planning Commission ?
A Members do not require any minimum education
B It is not defined in Indian Constitution
C Members and Vice-Chairman of it do not have fixed working duration
D All of the these

Answer: Option [D]
40 The author of the chapter on “Objectives of Planned Development” for the Third Five Year Plan was:
A Jawaharlal Nehru
B Morarji Desai
C C.D.Deshmukh
D Lal Bahadur Shastri

Answer: Option [B]

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