Industries & Foreign Trade - Indian Economy GK Objective Questions and Answers | Page-5

41 The following is the list of four integrated steel plants in the country ?
I. Bhilai
II. Rourkela
IV. Bokaro

Which of the following combinations lists all the plants in the public sector ?

A I, II and IV
B I, III and IV
C II, III and IV
D All of the above

Answer: Option [D]
42 Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
I. The USSR assisted in the building of the Bhilai Steel plant
II. The British assisted in the building of the Bokaro Steel plant
A I only
B II only
C Both I and II
D Neither I nor II

Answer: Option [B]
43 The core sector includes
I. Coal
II. Power
III. Petroleum
IV. Soaps and Detergent
A I and II only
B I, II and III only
C I and IV only
D II and III only

Answer: Option [B]
44 Both Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) AND Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) are related to investment in a country. Which one of the following statements best represents an important difference between the two ?
A FII is considered to be more stable than FDI
B FDI flows only into the secondary market, while FII targets primary market
C FII helps bring better management skills and technology, while FDI only brings in capital
D FII helps in increasing capital availability in general, while FDI only targets specific sectors

Answer: Option [D]

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