International Organisations - GK MCQs with Answers | Page-5

41 The world Bank normally gives:
A Short-term loans
B Medium-term loans
C Long-term loans
D Medium and long-term loans

Answer: Option [B]
42 Structural adjustment loans given by the World Bank are meant for:
A Encouraging capital-intensive industries
B Reducing inequalities of income distribution
C Increasing employment in agriculture
D Increasing export-earning capacity of the borrower country

Answer: Option [A]
43 Which country decided to join the United Nations, as a Member, on the basis of the results of a referendum held in the country?
A Finland
B Austria
C Switzerland
D Belgium

Answer: Option [C]
44 Which one of the following organisations is not having its headquarters in Geneva?
A World health Organisation
B World Trade Organisation
C International Labour Organisation
D International Civil Aviation Organisation

Answer: Option [D]
45 The first Secretary-General of the United Nations was
A U. Thant
B Dr. Kurt Waldheim
C Trygve Lie
D Dag Hammarskjold

Answer: Option [C]
46 The Headquarters of International Labour Organisation is located at
A Geneva
B Rome
C Paris
D New York

Answer: Option [A]
47 Which International Agency is working for the protection of the environment?
C Chipko
D Greenpeace

Answer: Option [D]
48 Which one of the following organisations is directly related to child welfare?

Answer: Option [C]
49 Where is the headquarters of INTERPOL?
A Geneva
B Lyons
C London
D Paris

Answer: Option [B]
50 Non-alignment basically implies
A Bring a third world power
B Choosing its own policy
C Neutrality towards power blocks
D Bringing peace and unity to the world

Answer: Option [C]

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