General Knowledge MCQ Questions & Answers | GK on Indian History

11 ‘Mitakshara’ is an authoritative treatise on Hindu law. It was written by:
A Manu
B Hemadri
C Vagneswara
D Jimutavahana

Answer: Option [C]
12 When did iron began to be used more frequently?
A 800 B.C.
B 1000 B.C.
C 1600 B.C.
D 2000 B.C.

Answer: Option [B]
13 Which Veda was divided into two parts namely ‘White(sukla)’ and ‘Black(krishna)’ ?
A Yajur
B Rig
C Sama
D Atharva

Answer: Option [A]
14 The books called Upanishadas are included in which category ?
A Philosophy
B Law
C Religion
D Yoga

Answer: Option [C]
15 What is the actual number of 'Sutras' of Vedic mathematics ?
A 10
B 12
C 14
D 16

Answer: Option [D]

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