History GK - Indus Valley Civilization General Awareness Objective Questions and Answers

Indus Valley Civilization Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Indus Valley Civilization questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanations are given and it would be easy to understand. The provided section is the best collection of Indus Valley Civilization Questions with correct answers and explanations. Here are Indus Valley Civilization MCQ's for graduate, undergraduate, freshers and experienced candidates. So, the aspirants can check the practice Indus Valley Civilization online Test sets to for preparations of the latest questions and answers. The candidates or applicants can take the online test and solve questions with the help of the Gkseries.com test preparation platform. The Indus Valley Civilization Quiz contains the essential questions on Discovery and history of excavation, early Harappan era, pre harappan era and post harappan era to prepare for the various examinations and interviews. Hence, the students can get the Indus Valley Civilization Objective Questions and Answers from this section. Each question in this History practice test section has four options where one option is correct. The candidates need to move to the below portions and find the Indus Valley Civilization Questions and Answers.

Indus Valley Civilization Questions - Indus Valley Civilization Quiz Details

Aspirants know very well that History, is an important area from which a major share of questions come in SSC, Railway, state government recruitment exams, UPSC prelims and mains. Gkseries.com is giving priority to collect and solve the best Indus Valley Civilization questions from various previous year’s exam papers. This Indus Valley Civilization Questions Answers study material is very important for the preparation of various competitive exams.

Indus Valley Civilization Objective Type Practice Question sets Topics

Do you know main characteristics of the Indus Valley Civilization? Refer to this article and understand all included in the Indus Valley Civilization MCQs sets. We have given the Indus Valley Civilization MCQs related to the Discovery and history of excavation, Harappan era, Arts and crafts, Statuettes, Seals, Trade and transportation, Agriculture, Language, writing system, religion, Climate change and drought. Thus, the competitors can find the questions regarding all the topics. It is the great collection of the Indus Valley Civilization Questions and Answers along with the explanations.

Indus Valley Civilization MCQ Quiz Answers

This Indus Valley Civilization Questions with Answers section provides instant answers along with the explanations to all the Indus Valley Civilization Questions. The students can check and try to memorize at the time of the examination hall. So, all the candidates can take this as a practice session and know all the various types of the Indus Valley Civilization Questions and Answers.

1 Which of the following are the main sources of knowledge about Indus Valley Civilization ?
A Inscriptions
B Coins
C Palm and barch leaf manuscripts
D Archaeological excavations.

Answer: Option [D]
2 The Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in
A 1902
B 1921
C 1922
D 1930

Answer: Option [B]
3 The main characteristic of the Indus Valley Civllization was
A town planning
B drainage system
C pucca houses
D well laid out roads

Answer: Option [B]
4 The Indus Valley Civilization is known as Pre-Aryan Civilization because of the evidence of
A art
B copper
C pottery
D script

Answer: Option [B]
5 The main occupation of the people of the Indus Valley Civilization was
A agriculture
B hunting
C trade
D none of these above

Answer: Option [A]

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