UPSC General Knowledge Questions & Answers | Important GK Questions & Answers

31 'Veda' has been derived from the word ‘Vid’. What is the meaning of 'Vid'?
A God
B Knowledge
C Holy
D Religious

Answer: Option [B]
32 Which of the following was unknown in Rigvedic society ?
A Polygamy
B Purdah system
C Polyandry
D Child marriage

Answer: Option [D]
33 The ninth mandala of the Rigveda samhita is devoted wholly to:
A Urvashi and the Heaven
B Gods related to plants and drugs
C ‘Soma’ and the god who is named after the drink
D Narada

Answer: Option [C]
34 Which is the oldest Veda?
A Yajur
B Rig
C Atharva
D Sama

Answer: Option [B]
35 The theory of ‘Arctic Region’ as the original home of Aryans is popularised by:
A B.G. Tilak
B Raja Ram Mohan Roy
C Keith
D Max Muller

Answer: Option [A]

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