GK on Indian History | General Awareness Objective Type Questions and Answers | Page-7

31 In Sanskrit plays written during the Gupta period, Woman and sudras speak:
A Pali
B Sanskrit
C Prakrit
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
32 The two colossal image of the Buddha at Bamiyan were works of:
A the Gupta art
B the Gandhara art
C the maury art
D the Khushana art

Answer: Option [A]
33 Among the followihg, who contributed the Chalukya in Western India was that of the:
A Mauryans
B Indo-Greeks
C Parthians
D Guptas

Answer: Option [D]
34 The earliest extent (stil standing) temples date from:
A the Gupta period
B the Maury period
C the shunga period
D the vedic period

Answer: Option [A]
35 Arrange the following eras in chronological order ?
I. Gupta era
II. Kalachuri
III. Vikrama era
IV. Saka era
A III, I, II and IV
B II, I, IV and III
C I, II, III and IV
D II, I, III and IV

Answer: Option [D]

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