General Knowledge | Indus Valley Civilization | GK Questions & Answers

16 The tools and weapons of Harappan civilisation were mostly made of :
A Stone and Copper
B Copper, bronze and iron
C Copper, tin and bronze
D Stone only

Answer: Option [C]
17 The domestic animals of the people of Harappan Civilization were
A Camel, oxen, buffalo, pig
B Goat, oxen, pig, buffalo
C Buffalo, sheep, dog, pig
D Oxen, elephant, horse, pig

Answer: Option [C]
18 Which of the Following Harappan Sites not present in India :
A Lothal and Ropar
B Banwali and Ropar
C Mohenjodaro and Harappa
D Lothal and Kalibangan

Answer: Option [C]
19 The seals found at Mohenjodaro is similar to the seals found at :
A Afghanistan
B Egypt
C China
D Sumeria

Answer: Option [D]
20 The Indus Valley Houses Were Built of :
A Wood
B Stone
C Bamboo
D Bricks

Answer: Option [D]

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