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General Awareness Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on Indus Valley Civilization | Page-8

36 Consider the following person:
I. John Marshall
II. S.R. Rao
III. R.D. Benerjee
IV. Dayaram Sahni

Who among these were associated with the first excavations carried out Harappa and Mohenjodaro ?

A I, II and III
B II, III and IV
C I, III, and IV
D all of the above

Answer: Option [C]
37 Which of the following is incorrect concerning Mohenjodaro ?
A Buildings were of varying sizes
B It was a well planned city
C There was no drainage system
D Bathrooms were important features of most houses

Answer: Option [C]

There was no drainage system

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38 The Harappan site showing evidence of two cultural phases, Harappan and pre-Harappan, is :
A Chanhu-daro
B kalibangan
C Banwall
D Mohenjodaro

Answer: Option [B]

Kalibangan, ancient site of the Indus valley civilization, in northern Rajasthan state, northwestern India. The site contains both pre-Harappan and Harappan remains, and therein can be seen the transition between the two cultures.

39 Knowledge about the existence of which of the following animals is doubtful in the Indus Valley Civilization ?
A Cat
B Dog
C Horse
D Bull

Answer: Option [A]

Cat existence is doubtful in the Indus Valley Civilization.

40 Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock ?
A Mohenjodaro
B Harappa
C Alamgirpur
D Lothal

Answer: Option [D]

The dominant sight at Lothal is the massive dockyard which has helped make this place so important to international archaeology.

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