Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam | Page-26

126 All of the following Rajput rulers acknowledged Mughal sway in the second half of 16th century, except the ruler of:
A Amber
B Mewar
C Jaisalmer
D Bikaner

Answer: Option [B]
127 Shivaji was crowned as an independent king at:
A Surat
B Poona
C Singhagarh
D Raigarh

Answer: Option [D]
128 The bitterest war of succession under the great Mughals was fought among the sons of:
A Shahjahan
B Aurangzeb
C Jahangir
D Babar

Answer: Option [A]
129 A fort associated with Shivaji is that of:
A Torna
B Javli
C Lohagad
D Raigarh

Answer: Option [C]
130 Which Mughal emperor banned tobacco ?
A Jahangir
B Babur
C Muhammad Shah
D Aurangzeb

Answer: Option [A]


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