Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam | Page-22

106 How many ministers are there in the council of ministers of Maratha Empire ?
A 9
B 8
C 7
D 6

Answer: Option [B]
The council of eitht ministers also termed as Ashta Pradhan.
107 Who among the following was killed by Shivaji ?
A Afzal Khan
B Jai Singh
C Shaista Khan
D Vyankoji

Answer: Option [A]
108 When Raja Wodeyar, the ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire founded the kingdom of Mysore ?
A Tirumala
B Sadasiva
C Venkata II
D Ranga II

Answer: Option [C]
109 The treaty of Purandhar was signed in 1665 with Shivaji by which soldier statesman ?
A Saista Khan
B Afzal Khan
C Raja Jaswant Singh
D Raja Jai Singh I

Answer: Option [D]
110 Towards the end of Akbar’s reign, who dominated his nobility holding ranks of 500 zat and above ?
A Turanis
B Iranis
C Shaikhzadas
D Rajputs and other Hindus

Answer: Option [D]


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