Directive Principles | General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Page-4

16 The main purpose of including the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Indian Constitution is to
A Establish a welfare State
B Establish a secular State
C Check the arbitrary action of the Government
D Provide best opportunities of development by the Government

Answer: Option [A]
17 Political equality is found in
A The absence of privileges
B Equal distribution of wealth
C Universal adult suffrage
D The rationality of the individual

Answer: Option [C]
18 ‘Equality before law’ in India is derived from
A Constitution
B Case Law
C Political Conventions
D Gandhian Philosophy

Answer: Option [A]
19 Directive Principles of State Policy in the Indian Constitution were taken from the Constitution of
A Britain
B Ireland
D Canada

Answer: Option [B]
20 Which one of the following kinds of equality is not compatible with the liberal nation of equality?
A Legal Equality
B Political Equality
C Social Equality
D Economic Equality

Answer: Option [D]
21 Political liberty implies
A Votes can make and unmake their government
B Co-operation between politics and democracy
C Free political activities of the people
D People’s control over the government

Answer: Option [C]


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