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The Judiciary - General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 The highest and final judicial tribunal of India is :
A President
B Parliament
C Supreme Court
D Union cabinet

Answer: Option [C]
2 Which of the following High Court has jurisdiction over more than one State/ Union Territories ?
A Mumbai
B Guwahati
C Kolkata
D Chandigarh

Answer: Option [B]
3 Who of the following decides the number judges in a High Court ?
A The President
B Chief Minister of the State
C Prime Minister
D Parliament

Answer: Option [A]
4 The Chief Justice and other Judges of the High Court are appointed by the :
A President
B Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
C Governor of the concerned state
D Attorney General of India.

Answer: Option [A]
5 The oath to a High Court Judge is administered by the :
A Chief Justice of India
B Chief Justice of High Court
C President
D Governor of the concerned state

Answer: Option [D]
6 The Supreme Court of India was set up under which of the following Act ?
A Pitt’s India Act, 1784
B Charter Act of 1833
C Regulating Act, 1773
D Indian Councils Act, 1892

Answer: Option [C]
7 In India, the power to increase the number of judges in the Supreme Court lies with :
A The President of India
B The Chief Justice of India
C The Union Ministry of Law
D The Parliament of India

Answer: Option [D]
8 Disputes between States of India comes to the Supreme Court under
A Original jurisdiction
B Appellate jurisdiction
C Advisory jurisdiction
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]
9 Which of the following statements is correct with respect to retired judge of a High Court ?
A Cannot practice in the Supreme Court
B Cannot practice in any High Court of India
C Cannot practice in the High Court from where he has retired
D None of the above

Answer: Option [C]
10 Who was the Chief Justice of India when public interest litigation (PIL) was introduced to the Indian Judicial System ?
A M. Hidayataullah
B A. M. Ahmadi
C A. S. Anand
D P. N. Bhagwati

Answer: Option [D]


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