General Knowledge on Science | SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam

16 The unit of Planck's constant is :
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]
17 The SI unit of electric charge is :
A ampere
B coulomb
C ohm
D kelvin

Answer: Option [B]
18 Which instrument is used to convert heat into electrical energy ?
A Ammeter
B Hydrometer
C Thermoelectric generator
D Voltmeter

Answer: Option [C]
19 The colours of stars depend on :
A distance
B temperature
C atmospheric pressure
D pollutants of air

Answer: Option [B]
20 How stationary waves are formed ?
A A transverse wave superposing a longitudinal wave
B Two waves of the same speed superposing
C Two waves of same frequency travelling in the same direction
D Two waves of same frequency travelling in the opposite direction

Answer: Option [D]


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Random GK Questions

A Drafting Committee
B Constituent Assembly
C Union Constitution Committee
D A Working Committee
Answer: Option [A]
A pollination by air
B self-pollination
C pollination by rain
D pollination by insects
Answer: Option [A]
A Inscriptions
B Coins
C Palm and barch leaf manuscripts
D Archaeological excavations.
Answer: Option [D]
A xylem
B epidermis
C phloem
D cambium
Answer: Option [A]
A Right against exploitation
B Right to freedom
C Right to equality
D Right to constitutional remedies
Answer: Option [D]