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Psychology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | GkSeries

13 While forming a concept one chooses to take one hypothesis and selects many of its features to quickly form the concept at once :
A Successive scanning
B Conservative focusing
C Focus gambling
D Simultaneous scanning

Answer: Option [C]
14 What is the correct sequence an auditory stimulus takes to reach the primary auditory cortex ?
A Cochlear nuclei - Superior olive - Inferior colliculus - Medial geniculate nucleus
B Cochlear nuclei - Inferior colliculus - Superior olive - Medial geniculate nucleus
C Superior olive - Cochlear nuclei - Inferior colliculus - Medial geniculate nucleus
D Medial geniculate nucleus - Inferior colliculus - Superior olive - Cochlear nucleus

Answer: Option [A]


15 In the above context, which one of the following correlation should be computed to obtain item-remainder correlations ?
A Point biserial correlation
B Phi-coefficient
C Rank difference correlation
D Tetrachoric correlation

Answer: Option [A]
16 Which one of the following statement would be true in the above context ?
A Kuder - Richardson reliability coefficient would also be .90, but the split-half reliability coefficient may differ from .90.
B Split-half reliability coefficient would also be .90, but the Kuder - Richardson reliability coefficient may differ from .90.
C Both Kuder - Richardson reliability coefficient and split-half reliability coefficient would be .90.
D The correlation between odd and even parts of the test would be .90.

Answer: Option [A]
17 To obtain inter-item correlations, which one of the following correlation coefficient should be used in the above analysis ?
A Biserial correlation
B Point biserial correlation
C Phi-coefficient
D Rank difference correlation

Answer: Option [C]
18 What is the expected Cronbach alpha for the short versions, referred to in the paragraph ?
A 0.45
B 0.67
C 0.82
D 0.90

Answer: Option [C]
19 Which one of the following conclusion can be drawn from the data provided above ? The new Abstract Thinking Test has :
A Satisfactory convergent validity
B Satisfactory divergent validity
C Satisfactory concurrent validity
D Unsatisfactory concurrent validity

Answer: Option [D]
20 The factors that influence social behaviour and thoughts in certain ways are called :
A Independent variables
B Confounding variables
C Dependent variables
D Mediating variables

Answer: Option [D]
21 Phonemic restoration as we perceive speech in a noisy party is an example of :
A Top down processing
B Bottom up processing
C Subliminal perception
D Supraliminal perception

Answer: Option [A]
22 Feeling touchy or hypersensitive following an upsetting experience is a form of :
A Imprinting
B Habituation
C Sensitization
D Reflexive Behaviour

Answer: Option [C]
23 Because it has the external features associated with the concept of dog, a wolf is perceived as a dog. This is an example of :
A Centration
B Equilibration
C Object permanence
D Prototype

Answer: Option [D]
24 Which of the following is the final destination for much of the brain’s information about emotion before action is taken ?
A Amygdala
B Anterior cingulate cortex
C Pre-frontal cortex
D Hypothalamus

Answer: Option [C]

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