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Psychology Questions and Answers | Page 8

85 Which of the following sequences is correct with respect to effective teaching ?
A Match student’s level → specify learning goals → emphasize self comparison → suggest improvements and model problem solving.
B Specify learning goals → emphasize self-comparison → suggest improvements and model problem solving → match student’s level.
C Suggest improvements and model problem solving → match student’s level → specify learning goals → emphasize self-comparison
D Emphasize self-comparison → match student’s level → specify learning goals → suggest improvements and model problem solving.

Answer: Option [A]
86 Sleep disorders can be categorized as
A Paraphilias and Dysfunctions
B Insomnia and Hypersomnia
C Parasomnias and Dyssomnias
D Serotonergic and Dopaminergic

Answer: Option [C]


87 Which is the correct sequence of the stages involved in creative thinking ?
A Preparation; orientation; illumination; incubation; verification
B Preparation; incubation; illumination; orientation; verification
C Orientation; preparation; incubation; illumination; verification
D Orientation; preparation; illumination; incubation; verification

Answer: Option [C]
88 Selective attention in vision and audition respectively have been dubbed as
A ‘optic’ and ‘haptic’
B ‘spotlight’ and ‘gateway’
C ‘spatial’ and ‘acoustic’
D ‘central’ and ‘peripheral

Answer: Option [B]
89 Which is not the part of “on the job training” ?
A Orientation training
B Job instruction training
C Role playing
D Apprentice training

Answer: Option [C]
90 “Pygmalion effect” in educational settings suggests :
A exceptional progress by student as a result of high teacher expectations.
B biases creeping into summative assessment
C authenticity factors in classroom assessment.
D influences on curricular structure.

Answer: Option [A]
91 Which of the following is not a diagnosable sleep disorder :
A Somnambulism
B Somniloquy
C Sleep terror
D Insomnia

Answer: Option [B]
92 A field experiment at the Bronx Zoo illustrated the potential importance of _________ indicating that an individual has legitimate authority. Fill in the blank from given below.
A Gender
B Uniforms
C Age
D An authoritarian personality

Answer: Option [D]
93 Thinking is a complex set of collaborations between __________ and _________representations and processes.
A Linguistic; semantic
B Linguistic; verbal
C Semantic; non-linguistic
D Linguistic; non-linguistic

Answer: Option [D]
94 Signal detection depends upon
A motivation and expectations
B signal intensity and noise
C sensitivity and response criterion
D absolute and relative thresholds

Answer: Option [C]
95 Which of the following does not present with symptoms of mental retardation ?
A Cri du chat syndrome
B Down’s syndrome
C Fugue
D Trisomy-21

Answer: Option [C]
96 Therapist suggested to Sunil that while trying to give up the habit of washing hands unnecessarily, he should wear a rubber band around his wrist and snap it everytime he feels like washing his hands. What therapy he is using ?
A Systematic desensitization
B Aversion therapy
C Flooding
D Modelling

Answer: Option [B]

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