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Psychology Questions and Answers | Page 9

97 The need for _______ produces active, controlling social behaviour while need for _________ produces more passive, less controlling social behaviour.
A affiliation; self-esteem
B confidence; intimacy
C affiliation; intimacy
D intimacy; affiliation

Answer: Option [C]
98 According to Triarchic Theory of Intelligence, arrange the correct functional sequence of metacomponents
A Identification of problem → defining the givens, goals & obstacles → choosing appropriate strategy → selection of lower order processes → selection of mental representation → allocation of mental resources → monitoring → evaluation.
B Identification of problem → defining the givens, goals & obstacles → selection of lower order processes → choosing appropriate strategy → selecting a mental representation → allocating mental resources → monitoring → evaluation.
C Identification of problem → choosing appropriate strategy → defining givens, goals and obstacles → allocating mental resources → monitoring → selecting mental representation → evaluation
D Defining the givens, goals and obstacles → identification of problem → selection of lower order processes → choosing appropriate strategy → selecting a mental representation → allocating mental resources → monitoring → evaluation

Answer: Option [B]


99 Which is the correct sequence of the stages involved in creative thinking ?
A Preparation; orientation; illumination; incubation; verification
B Preparation; incubation; illumination; orientation; verification
C Orientation; preparation; incubation; illumination; verification
D Orientation; preparation; illumination; incubation; verification

Answer: Option [C]
100 In which one of the following scaling methods, Law of Comparative Judgement is used clearly while computing scale values ?
A Summated ratings
B Equal appearing intervals
C JND scales
D Paired Comparison

Answer: Option [D]
101 The model of memory most frequently cited consists of Short Term Memory (STM) which serve(s) as gateway to Long Term Memory (LTM). This model was propounded by
A Ebbinghaus
B Craik and Lockhart
C Tulving
D Atkinson and Shiffring

Answer: Option [D]
102 The phenomenon of clinging to one’s initial conceptions after the basis on which they were formed and had been discredited refers to :
A Belief bias
B Belief perseverance
C Over confidence
D Framing decisions

Answer: Option [B]
103 Mechanistic and Cognitive approaches to motivation differ in the extent to which ______ are invoked to account for the initiation, direction, intensity and persistence of goal directed behaviour.
A Dynamic traits
B Higher mental processes
C Drives
D Instincts

Answer: Option [B]
104 Which of the following is the term for describing a child’s one word utterances ?
A Over extensions
B Under extensions
C Holophrases
D Telegraphic speech

Answer: Option [C]
105 What would be the multiple correlation between the job efficiency and the three predictors (M.B.A. marks, selection test scores, and the evaluations scores at the end of inhouse training) ?
A 0.50
B 0.65
C 0.75
D Inadequate data

Answer: Option [C]
106 The b coefficient obtained in multiple regression is
A Partial correlation coefficient
B Correlation coefficient
C Regression coefficient
D Partial regression coefficient

Answer: Option [D]
107 Which one of the following conclusion can be drawn on the basis of above paragraph ?
A All the four predictors (M.B.A. marks, selection test scores, evaluation scores at the end of inhouse training and communication skills) are uncorrelated with each other.
B Out of the four predictors, at least some are correlated with each other.
C Communication skills scores are uncorrelated with other predictors.
D The four predictors theoretically appear to be correlated, but we cannot infer about their intercorrelations from the data provided.

Answer: Option [B]
108 Words learned under water are recalled :
A Better on land than under water
B Better above land (sky) than on land
C Better above land (sky) than under water
D Better under water than on land

Answer: Option [D]

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