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Psychology Questions and Answers | page 7

73 A social worker, appointed to assist the psychiatrist, used to administer and interpret Rorschach test. This is an
A ethically incorrect practice
B ethically correct practice
C ethically correct practice provided the results are used only for diagnostic purpose.
D ethically correct practice provided the results are kept confidential and are used only for diagnostic purpose.

Answer: Option [A]
74 The following instrument can not be utilized in the measurement of emotions :
A Sphygmomano meter
B Galvanic skin response
C Digital thermometer
D Pupillary measurement camera

Answer: Option [C]


75 Arrange in sequence the stage of personality development according to Rollo May
A Innocence → ordinary consciousness of self → rebellion → creative consciousness of self
B Innocence → rebellion → ordinary consciousness of self → creative consciousness of self
C Ordinary consciousness of self → innocence → rebellion → creative consciousness of self
D Rebellion → innocence → ordinary consciousness of self → creative consciousness of self

Answer: Option [B]
76 The rapid change in performance as the size of reinforcement in varied is called
A Crespi effect
B Disequilibrium hypothesis
C Premack principal
D Programmed learning

Answer: Option [A]
77 In Solomon Asch’s study on conformity, subjects conformed to the Group approximately what percent of time
A 25%
B 35%
C 45%
D over 50%

Answer: Option [B]
78 Perceived fairness of the amount and rewards among individuals refers to ________ while perceived fairness of the ways used for rewards and pays refers to _________.
A Organizational justice, Distributive justice
B Equity, Organizational justice
C Distributive justice; Procedural justice
D Procedural justice; Distributive justice

Answer: Option [C]
79 The concept of _______ is vital in the understanding of fractional antedating goal response
A Drive stimulus reduction
B Reactive Inhibition
C Secondary Reinforcement
D Conditioned Inhibition

Answer: Option [C]
80 Which of the following identity status describes the individual who has been exploring but not yet committed to self chosen values and goals ?
A Identity achievement
B Identity foreclosure
C Identity diffusion
D Identity moratorium

Answer: Option [D]
81 Scientific study of Creativity is considered to be started by
A Galton
B Guilford
C Torrance
D Mednick

Answer: Option [B]
82 Culture exerts strong effect on memory through the operation of cultural schema. One’s memory is influenced by learning in
A Own culture effect
B Culture effect due to enculturation
C Acculturation effect
D Socialization effect

Answer: Option [A]
83 21. Evolutionary Social Psychology Research seeks to investigate :
A Changes in human behaviour
B Seeks to investigate the potential role of genetic factors on social behaviour
C Interrelationships between people of two groups of different social environment
D Focuses on individual’s behaviour.

Answer: Option [B]
84 Which one of the following is the right explanation of flash bulb memory ?
A New, important, helpful social events
B Unspecific, important, common events
C Specific, surprising, unimportant events
D Unspecific, important, common events

Answer: Option [A]

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