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Sports Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | Quiz

1 When was the first Common Wealth Games held?
A 1930
B 1934
C 1938
D 1948

Answer: Option [A]
2 In which sports is the participant called pugilist?
A Sprinter
B Boxing
C Wrestling
D Javelin throw

Answer: Option [B]


3 When did India win a gold medal in football in an international tournament last?
A 1951 Delhi Asiad
B 1962 Jakarta Asiad
C 1964 Merdeka Cup, Kualalumpur
D 1970 Merdeka Cup, Kualalumpur

Answer: Option [B]
4 The term ‘Butterfly Stroke’ is referred to in which sport?
A Wrestling
B Volleyball
C Tennis
D Swimming

Answer: Option [D]
5 In which game the term ‘Putting’ is used?
A Chess
B Hockey
C Golf
D Billiards

Answer: Option [C]
6 Who was the first Test Centurion in India Cricket?
A C.K. Naidu
B Lala Amarnath
C Vinu Mankad
D Mansur Ali Pataudi

Answer: Option [B]
7 The term ‘Beamer’ is associated with
A Cricket
B Hockey
C Chess
D Football

Answer: Option [A]
8 Thomas Cup is related to
A Tennis
B Cricket
C Basketball
D Badminton

Answer: Option [D]
9 Ryder Cup is related with which sports?
A Cricket
B Badminton
C Golf
D Football

Answer: Option [C]
10 The number of players in each side in Water Polo is
A 6
B 7
C 8
D 9

Answer: Option [B]

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