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Sports Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers | Page-11

101 The term "Whitewash" is associated with which game?
A Golf
B Hockey
C Cricket
D Football

Answer: Option [C]
102 The term "Gambit" is used in the game is –
A Golf
B Chess
C Badminton
D Tennis

Answer: Option [B]


103 When was the first cricket Test match played?
A 1875
B 1877
C 1870
D 1782

Answer: Option [B]
104 Badminton is National game of which country?
A Russia
B Japan
C India
D Malaysia

Answer: Option [D]
105 Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
A Geet Sethi
B Manoj Kothari
C Wilson Jones
D Michael Ferreira

Answer: Option [C]
106 Murugappa Gold Cup is associated with –
A Badminton
B Cricket
C Hockey
D Lawn Tennis

Answer: Option [C]
107 The number of players on each side in baseball is –
A Seven
B Eight
C Nine
D Ten

Answer: Option [C]
108 Which of the following terms is used in the game of Badminton?
A Hoops
B Gambit
C Dropshot
D Stroke

Answer: Option [D]
109 Who among the following is not a badminton player?
A Somdev Devburman
B Jwala Gutta
C P. V. Sindhu
D Saina Nehwal

Answer: Option [A]
110 'Federation Cup' in India is associated with which sport?
A Hockey
B Football
C Billiards
D Basketball

Answer: Option [B]

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