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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-16

76 The longest river of Peninsular India is
A Godavari
B Mahanadi
C Narmada
D Cauvery

Answer: Option [A]
77 Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?
A Papanasam Project - Karnataka
B Ukai Project - Gujarat
C Tulbul Project - Himachal Pradesh
D Srisailam Project - Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option [B]
78 What is the stage in the population cycle in which India is classified on the basis of its demographic characteristics ?
A Declining stage
B Early expanding stage
C High stationary stage
D Late expanding stage

Answer: Option [D]
79 The Visvesvaraya Iron & Steel Ltd. is located at
A Bhadravati
B Mysore
C Bangalor
D Mangalore

Answer: Option [A]
80 Which kind of power accounts for the largest share of power generation in India ?
A nuclear
B solar
C hydro-electricity
D thermal

Answer: Option [D]


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