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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-46

226 where are MIG engines assembled ?
A Ozar
B Bangalore
C Nasik
D Koraput

Answer: Option [A]
227 Monoculture is a typical characteristic of
A shifting cultivation
B commercial grain farming
C subsistence farming
D specialized horticulture

Answer: Option [B]
228 Which of the following will never get the vertical rays of the sun ?
A Srinagar
B Thiruvanthapuram
C Chennai
D Mumbai

Answer: Option [A]
229 Which of the following district is not situated in the terai of Uttar Pradesh ?
A Bahraich
B Hardoi
C Pilibhit
D Lakhim Pur

Answer: Option [B]
230 Which of the following uplands is not a part of the Telangana Plateau ?
A Eastern Ghat
B Western Ghat
C Aravalli
D Satpura

Answer: Option [C]


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