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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-47

231 Jadugoda mines are famous for
A gold deposits
B iron ore
C mica deposits
D uranium deposits

Answer: Option [D]
232 The standard time of India is
A 4 hours ahead of GMT
B 4:30 hours behind of GMT
C 5:30 hours ahead of GMT
D 5:30 hours behind of GMT

Answer: Option [C]
233 Jawahar Tunnel, the largest in India is located in the State of
A Maharashtra
B Karnataka
C Himachal Pradesh
D Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: Option [D]
234 The largest irrigation canal in India is called the:
A Indira Gandhi canal
B Upper Bari Doab canal
C Yamuna canal
D Sirhind canal

Answer: Option [A]
235 In which of the following states the first Synagogue is built in India ?
A Maharashtra
B Tamil Nadu
C West Bengal
D Kerala

Answer: Option [D]


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