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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-43

211 In which of the following grouping of States of India is rubber grown on a commercial scales ?
A Sikkim - Arunachal Pradesh - Nagaland
B Odisha - Madhya Pradesh - Maharashtra
C Kerala - Tamil Nadu - Karnataka
D Maharashtra - Gujarat - Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option [C]
212 The standard time of a country differs from the GMT in multiples of______
A Half hour
B One hour
C Two hours
D Four minutes

Answer: Option [A]
213 The only sanctuary where Kashmir stag is found in
A Gir
B Dachigam
C Mudumalai
D Kanha

Answer: Option [B]
214 The variety of coffee largely grown in India is:
A Arabica
B Kents
C Coorgs
D Old Chicks

Answer: Option [A]
215 Sardar Sarover dam is being built on the river
A Mahi
B Chambal
C Tapti
D Narmada

Answer: Option [D]


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