Antonyms MCQ - English Aptitude Questions for Competitive Exams

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the OPPOSITE meaning of the given word.

(1) Candid
[A] vague
[B] rude
[C] cunning
[D] deceptive

Answer: Option [D]
(2) Glorious
[A] humiliating
[B] cowardly
[C] painful
[D] sad

Answer: Option [A]
(3) Vigilant
[A] ignorant
[B] irresponsible
[C] careless
[D] innocent

Answer: Option [C]
(4) Destroy
[A] make
[B] produce
[C] create
[D] invest

Answer: Option [C]
(5) Permit
[A] stop
[B] prohibit
[C] give
[D] order

Answer: Option [B]
(6) Vulgar
[A] bad
[B] unnatural
[C] educated
[D] refined

Answer: Option [D]
(7) Woeful
[A] cheerful
[B] gloomy
[C] sinful
[D] careful

Answer: Option [A]
(8) Convex
[A] tilted
[B] concave
[C] spherical
[D] plane

Answer: Option [B]
(9) Spurious
[A] genuine
[B] vast
[C] open
[D] mixed

Answer: Option [A]
(10) Ancient
[A] fresh
[B] new
[C] modern
[D] contemporary

Answer: Option [C]


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