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Computer Based Optimization Techniques - Questions & Answers for Competitive Exams | GkSeries

1. Operations Research approach is _______.
  • [A] multi-disciplinary
  • [B] scientific
  • [C] intuitive
  • [D] collect essential data

Answer: Option [A]

2.In Program Evaluation Review Technique for an activity, the optimistic time 2, the pessimistic time is 12 and most- likely time is 4. What is the expected time?
  • [A] 0
  • [B] 1
  • [C] 5
  • [D] 6

Answer: Option [C]

3. A feasible solution to a linear programming problem _____.
  • [A] must satisfy all the constraints of the problem simultaneously
  • [B] need not satisfy all of the constraints, only some of them
  • [C] must be a corner point of the feasible region.
  • [D] must optimize the value of the objective function

Answer: Option [A]

4. If an artificial variable is present in the basic variable column of optimal simplex table, then the solution is___________.
  • [A] alternative
  • [B] bounded
  • [C] no solution
  • [D] infeasible

Answer: Option [D]

5. In the optimal simplex table, Zj-Cj=0 value indicates _____________.
  • [A] alternative solution
  • [B] bounded solution
  • [C] infeasible solution
  • [D] unbounded solution

Answer: Option [A]

6. Principle of complementary slackness states that____________.
  • [A] primal slack * dual main =0.
  • [B] primal main + dual slack=0
  • [C] primal main + dual surplus=0
  • [D] dual slack * primal main not equal to zero

Answer: Option [A]

7. The initial solution of a transportation problem can be obtained by applying any known method. How-ever, the only condition is that__________
  • [A] the solution be optimal
  • [B] the rim conditions are satisfied
  • [C] the solution not be degenerate
  • [D] the few allocations become negative

Answer: Option [B]

8. The calculations of opportunity cost in the MODI method is analogous to a_____.
  • [A] Zj-Cj value for non-basic variable column in the simplex method.
  • [B] value of a variable in XB-column of the simplex method.
  • [C] variable in the B-column in the simplex method.
  • [D] Zj-Cj value for basic variable column in the simplex method.

Answer: Option [A]

9. For a salesman who has to visit n cities, following are the ways of his tour plan___.
  • [A] n!
  • [B] n
  • [C] (n+a)!
  • [D] (n-a)!

Answer: Option [D]

10. Simplex method was designed by ___________.
  • [A] Dantzig
  • [B] A.Charnes
  • [C] Lemke
  • [D] Hungarian

Answer: Option [A]

11. Dual Simplex Method was introduced by _______.
  • [A] Dantzig
  • [B] A.Charnes
  • [C] Lemke
  • [D] Hungarian

Answer: Option [C]

12. The cell with allocation can be called____
  • [A] Cell
  • [B] Empty cell
  • [C] Basic cell
  • [D] Non-basic cell

Answer: Option [C]


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