Geomorphology - Geography Objective Questions with Answers | Page-11

51 ........ is one of the biggest deltas of the world
A Mississippi delta
B Nile delta
C Ganga-Brahmaputra delta
D Amazon delta

Answer: Option [C]
52 International date line is the line where
A Local time is advanced by one hour
B The date changes by exactly one day when it is crossed
C From all other meridians radiate eastward and westward up to 1800
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
53 The rocks of the Paleozoic Era are known as
A Shale
B Graphite
C Granite
D Light limestone

Answer: Option [A]
54 Incised meanders occur in
A Karst areas
B Riverine areas
C Glaciated regions
D Mountain areas

Answer: Option [B]
55 Drumlins are associated with
A Glacial deposition
B River deposition
C Glacial erosion
D River erosion

Answer: Option [A]


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