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Geomorphology - Geography Objective Questions with Answers | Page-29

141 Graphite is a typical example of
A Sedimentary rocks
B Metamorphic rocks
C Plutonic rocks
D Igneous rocks

Answer: Option [D]

Graphite is a typical example of Igneous rocks. Graphite occurs in metamorphic rocks as a result of the reduction of sedimentary carbon compounds during metamorphism. It also occurs in igneous rocks and in meteorites. Minerals associated with graphite include quartz, calcite, micas and tourmaline.

142 ‘Exfoliation’ is common in
A Mountains
B Deserts
C Coastal areas
D Plain region

Answer: Option [B]

‘Exfoliation’ is common in Deserts. Large daily variations in temperature, especially pronounced in deserts, were also credited with producing exfoliation—expansion from heating during the day followed by contraction from rapid cooling at night was thought to cause the separation of thin slabs from large blocks of rock at the surface.

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143 Nappes, a type of mountain, is formed due to
A Fault
B Folds
C Warping
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]

Nappes, a type of mountain, is formed due to Fault. Nappes form when a mass of rock is forced (or "thrust") over another rock mass, typically on a low angle fault plane. The resulting structure may include large-scale recumbent folds, shearing along the fault plane, imbricate thrust stacks, fensters and klippes.

144 ‘Nivation’ is
A Accumulation of snow
B Erosion by wind
C Erosion by snow
D Melting of snow

Answer: Option [C]

‘Nivation’ is Erosion by snow. Nivation is the set of geomorphic processes associated with snow patches. The primary processes are mass wasting and the freeze and thaw cycle, in which fallen snow gets compacted into firn or névé.

145 Ozone is found in
A Mesosphere
B Ozonosphere
C Troposphere
D Stratosphere

Answer: Option [D]

Ozone is found in Stratosphere. 90% of the planet's ozone is in the "ozone layer" which exists in the lower level (20-25 kilometres above sea level) of the stratosphere. The stratosphere is the region of the atmosphere which exists between 10 and 50 kilometres above the surface of the earth.


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