General Awareness Objective Type Questions and Answers on Banking System & Capital Market

21 Which of the following is not an affiliate of the Reserve Bank of India ?
A Unit Trust Of India
B Deposit insurance Corporation
C Agricultural Refinance Corporation
D The Industrial Development Bank of India

Answer: Option [A]
22 Which of the following is not an asset held by commercial banks ?
A Bills of exchange
B Current account deposits
C Money lent at short notice
D Credit balances with the Reserve Bank

Answer: Option [B]
23 Which of the following provides the largest part of the demand for loanable funds in India ?
A Farmers
B Private-house purchasers
C Hire-purchase borrowers
D Corporate businesses

Answer: Option [D]
24 Who amongst the following was never a Governor of the RBI ?
A Y. V. Reddy
B Bimal Jalan
C Arup Roy Choudhury
D Rangarajan

Answer: Option [C]
25 In India, which of the following have the highest share in the disbursement of credit to agriculture and allied activities ?
A Commercial Banks
B Cooperative Banks
C Regional Rural Banks
D Microfinance Institutions

Answer: Option [A]
26 Private Sector Mutual Funds in India were permitted in
A 2001
B 1994
C 1993
D 1964

Answer: Option [C]
27 Which one of the following is not a feature of Limited Liability Partnership firm ?
A Partnership and management need not be separate
B Partners should be less than 20
C It is a corporate body with perpetual succession
D Internal governance may be decided by mutual agreement among partners

Answer: Option [B]
28 Stock Exchanges play a role in an economy which may be termed as
A Hardly useful
B Harmful to proper capital markets
C Useful but need strict regulation
D A very important segment to regulate inflation

Answer: Option [C]
29 The National Housing Bank was set up in India as a wholly-owned subsidiary of which one of the following ?
B State Bank of India
C Reserve Bank of India
D Life Insurance Corporation of India

Answer: Option [C]
30 The oldest stock exchange of India is :
A Bombay Stock Exchange
B Bangalore Stock Exchange
C Hyderabad Stock Exchange
D Ahmadabad Stock Exchange

Answer: Option [A]

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