General Awareness Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on Indus Valley Civilization | Page-11

51 Which one of the following statements is not correct about the Harappan civilization ?
A In Lathal, the inhabitants never used burnt bricks for construction.
B In Kalibangan, most of the constructions was done by using mud bricks.
C The inhabitants knew the game of dice.
D The inhabitants knew the use of geometrical designs.

Answer: Option [A]
52 Which one of the following statements is not correct ?
A Palaeolithic graves have been found in Guntur and Kurnool districts in South India.
B Pre-historic paintings have been found in Kaimur range and Mizapur districts.
C The Palaeolithic man in India knew the use of fire.
D The Cooper age and the early Iron Age can be distinguished in North India. However, the Iron Age immediately succeeded the Stone Age in South India.

Answer: Option [C]
53 Which one of the following statements about Mohenjodaro is correct ?
A Gold ornaments were unknown to the inhabitants.
B The floor of the Great Bath was made of burnt brick.
C Axes, chisels, knives and fish-hook were all made of iron.
D The houses were made of cut and polished stone.

Answer: Option [B]
54 Indus Valley Civilization was spread over:
A Along Indus river
B Punjab, Sind, Baluchistan, Afghanistan
C Sind, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, U.P., Rajasthan, Gujarat
D Punjab, Sind, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat

Answer: Option [A]
55 Which of the following statements are correct with regard to the Indus Valley Civilization ?
I. The people of this civilization were the earliest to make use of cotton.
II. It had trade links by sea with other regions.
III. Existence of street lighting has been revealed in the excavations.
III. All the sites excavated show the existence of huge public baths

A I and II
B I, II and III
C I and IV
D All of the above

Answer: Option [B]

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