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General Awareness Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on Indus Valley Civilization | Page-13

61 Traces of which of the following has not been found in the Indus Civilization ?
A Sugarcane
B Barley
C Mustard
D Sesamum

Answer: Option [A]

Sugarcane has not been found in the Indus Civilization.

62 The greatest invention of man in Paleolithic Age was:
A Spinning of cloth
B Fire
C Metal implements
D Potter’s wheel

Answer: Option [B]

Evidence for fire making dates to at least the Middle Paleolithic, with dozens of Neanderthal hand axes from France exhibiting use-wear traces suggesting these tools were struck with the mineral pyrite to produce sparks around 50,000 years ago.

63 With which of the following periods do we associate the ‘Microlith’ implements ?
A Neolithic
B Palaeolithic
C Chalcolithic
D Mesolithic

Answer: Option [D]

Mesolithic Age was a ancient cultural stage that existed between the Paleolithic Period with its chipped stone tools, and the Neolithic Period with its polished stone tools. It is also called Microlithic age as the tools used were chipped stone tools also known as microliths.

64 The following sentences describe one of the sites of the Harappan civilization:

The settlement is divided into two sections, one smaller but higher and the other much larger but lower. Archaeologists designate these as the citadel and the lower town respectively. Both were walled. Several buildings were built on platforms, which served as foundations.

Which of the following sites does it refer to ?

A Kalibangan
B Mohenjodaro
C Harappa
D Lothal

Answer: Option [C]
65 With which period do we associate the “Megaliths” ?
A Neolithic
B Palaeolithic
C Chalcolithic
D Mesolithic

Answer: Option [A]

Most extant megaliths were erected between the Neolithic period (although earlier Mesolithic examples are known) through the Chalcolithic period and into the Bronze Age.

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