Mughal Empire - General Knowledge | Important GK Questions for Competitive Exam

36 When did Vasco Da Gama come to India?
A 1490
B 1498
C 1538
D 1562

Answer: Option [B]
37 Sher Shah’s real name was :
A Faizi
B Hemu
C Farid
D Bahadur

Answer: Option [C]
38 Which Mughal emperor gave land for the construction of the Golden temple at Amritsar?
A Aurangazeb
B Akbar
C Jahangir
D Shahjahan

Answer: Option [B]
39 Who among the following the Mughal rulers was ignorant of the art of reading and writing?
A Akbar
B Humayun
C Babar
D Jahangir

Answer: Option [A]
40 Revenue system during Akbar’s reign was in the hands of :
A Toder Mal
B Bairam Khan
C Man Singh
D Birbal

Answer: Option [A]

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